Nucleate Denmark

Empowering the next generation of biotech leaders in Denmark.
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Nucleate Denmark brings together the strength of the three nonprofit organizations, Synapse – Life Science Connect, REBBLS and Nucleate, to bring Nucleate’s Activator Program to Denmark.

Nucleate, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation of biotech leaders. This Boston lead initiative was founded in 2018 by two ambitious PhD students in Harvard, and expanded to 11 cities in the US and 10 countries around the world. Among Nucleate's core values is the democratization of access to biotech venture creation through free and open educational programs. Up to this year, the Activator Program supported 20 teams which have raised 130 million USD in capital and created 200 jobs.
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The Activator Program

The Nucleate Activator Program is collaboratively designed with world-class advisors featuring a comprehensive curriculum that includes interdisciplinary team-formation, mentor-matching, and bi-weekly workshops over the course of five months, addressing critical aspects of early-stage life science company formation. The Program identifies promising future bio-entrepreneurs working on impactful research and facilitates the formation of new life science companies. Unlike traditional accelerators, this program offers an equity-free, cost-free, hands-on entrepreneurship program that stimulates innovation both within and across regional ecosystems.
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