May 4, 2023

Copenhagen Life Science Summit

A 1-day conference full of inspiring talks from industry leaders in beautiful settings. More info in Spring 2023!

The future is AI.

You have probably seen all of the news about ChatGPT and heard “artificial intelligence” more and more. What is artificial intelligence and how can it be applied to life science? Come to the 2023 Synapse Life Science Summit that will delve into how artificial intelligence can be applied to health.

This free event was held at Børsen (Børsgade 1, 1217 København K) on May 4th from 15:00-19:00. We demonstrated how researchers and companies are using AI to solve problems in drug development, biometrics, nutrition, diagnostic tools, and more. We also discussed the ethical concerns of using AI with a panel discussion. The event ended with networking, light dinner and wine.

Are you an individual interested in Life Science and want to explore and expand your knowledge of opportunities in academia and the industry? Synapse – Life Science Connect will be hosting the annual Copenhagen Life Science Summit ’23 on Thursday May 4th!

Program of the event:

Any questions regarding the summit can be addressed to summit@synapse-connect.org