August 14-18, 2023

BioBusiness Summer School

5 days of knowledge-sharing, learning and good fun. Click below to read more. Sign-Up will open in Spring 2023


Join us for five fantastic and educational days at the Synapse BioBusiness Summer School 2022. If you are a life science student, recent graduate, PhD or post-doc interested in the business side of the industry and would like to know more about bioentrepreneurship, IPR, regulatory affairs and many other aspects of biobusiness then the Synapse BioBusiness Summer School is perfect for you!

At some point in their career many life science students will work in the industry. Synapse – Life Science Connect is aiming to bridge the gap and give students a taste of the business side of the life science industry at our BioBusiness Summer School 2022. We will explore the different steps of company evolution and go into depths with the various elements of the business side of life science. Furthermore we will look at alternative career paths and how to manage your career as well as many other exciting topics.

Throughout the week our speakers will give inspirational lectures, interactive workshops and tailored case challenges as we will look at how an idea or discovery can evolve into a fully-fledged large company. There will be speakers from large companies as well as start-up level and everything in between.